Ultra Z Poxy

Revamp your countertops and floors with Ultra Z Poxy, a high-quality epoxy coating system that offers durability and clarity, perfect for creating a range of stunning looks.


Ultra Z Poxy is among the clearest and hardest epoxies available, ensuring your surfaces maintain a pristine appearance for years to come. Its self-leveling properties make application a breeze, providing a smooth and even finish every time.

Experience peace of mind with Ultra Z Poxy’s highest resistance to scratches and heat, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. Its 100% food-safe formulation ensures that it’s suitable for use in kitchens and food preparation areas. Additionally, Ultra Z Poxy offers excellent chemical resistance, protecting your surfaces from stains and spills.

Achieve a stunning finish with Ultra Z Poxy’s crystal-clear high gloss coating, enhancing the natural beauty of your countertops and floors. With a 100% solids content, Ultra Z Poxy provides maximum coverage and durability, ensuring a long-lasting finish. Plus, it’s solvent-free and low VOC, making it environmentally friendly and safe for indoor use.

Transform your space with Ultra Z Poxy and experience the difference quality makes. Contact us today to learn more about this incredible product and how it can elevate your next project.

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