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 Increase the strength, hardness, and density of your concrete, while protecting it against freezing and thawing damage. With this unique densifier, get penetration with the lithium silicate and strength from colloidal silica.

How Concrete Fails

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This is a common issue we see in Utah and in similar areas.
How Does Our Densifier + Repeller Work

CS Densifier + Repeller is a formulation of penetrating lithium silicate that reacts with concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores. Treated surfaces are more resistant to water damage and surface abrasion with less dusting creating a cleaner surface. The repeller stays at the top for a surface protection.

How is it Different from Acrylic & Silicone Sealers

Other products only coat the surface and wear off. CS Densifier + Repeller penetrates deep in the concrete permanently changing it, so it does not wear out, eliminating the need for recoats.  CS Concrete Densifier + Repeller does not change the color or appearance of concrete and is not slippery when wet.  The sealer has  VOC compliant, does not smell and the concrete can be put back in use within hours.  Excellent Cure and Seal, can be applied to new and old concrete.


  • Increases strength
  • Cures quickly: most floors can be opened to traffic within one hour of treatment
  • Will not contribute to surface crazing. High lithium content 14.5% combats surface ASR
  • VOC Compliant, non-flammable, non-toxic, low odor
  • Breathable and UV stable. Will not yellow, discolor, peel or flake
  • Waterproofs concrete internally as well as externally
  • Penetrates and reacts quickly to produce better initial and ultimate hardness
  • Resists freeze-thaw damage
  • Resists oil while repelling water
  • Improves fungus and mildew resistance
  • Requires no special surface maintenance
  • Eliminates or significantly retards efflorescence
  • Eliminates internal water migration
  • Reduces dusting
  • Provides easier ice removal
  • Provides internal humidity stability and restricts vapors transmission
  • Provides increased density
  • Provides a more abrasion – and crack-resistant surface

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