What Sealer is Right for Me?

The "right" sealer depends on your needs, such as the desired finished look, cure time, smell, hardness, and ability to re-coat. All of our sealers are top-of-the-line and will seal your stained floor. Feel free to call us for a recommendation.




Urethane and Polyaspartic sealers are used for interior use and are known for their wear resistance and long-lasting shine. 

Urethane sealers are more user friendly to an inexperienced applicator, due to their longer pot life. They will also be easier to re-coat in the future, but re-coating is not common.

Polyaspartic sealers have the highest surface hardness, making them harder to scratch. This is a great sealer for quick turnarounds and a fast dry time (2-3 hours). *NOTE: If a second coat is desired, it must be applied within 6 hours.

Acrylic sealers are typically applied for exterior use only (e.g., stamped concrete). They are NOT recommended for interior use due to their short wear life and smell during curing. 




Water Based sealers create the shine without enhancing the color and has little to no smell. The sealer performance is equal if not better than solvent based sealers and has a high chemical resistance.

Solvent Based sealers typically have an odor until dry and will enhance the color for a darker looking floor.