Recommended MIXES

Counterform is known for its ease of use for homeowners with their SNAP OFF forms.. This is a cast-in-place or precast concrete countertop system. Simply place cement backer board on top of the cabinets and attach Z Counterform to the back wall and edges. Mix, pour, cure, and SNAP Off Z Counterform off for a smooth beautiful countertop and edge. We have the ALL the Z Counterform supplies you need for your job.

For a pure white countertop, counterform has an all in one white countertop mix you add water too.

The Z Liqui-Crete is a multi-component admixture for converting a standard  “Box Store” 60 lb bag sand and cement mix into a consistent flow-able, high strength concrete countertop mix. The purpose of the admixture is to significantly increase the strength and reduced set times over standard mixes.  No rebar is needed with this mix. Counterform leaves a smooth finish with NO Grinding necessary. 

White Countertop Mix Technical Data Sheet
Z Liqui-Crete Technical Data Sheet
Surecrete countertop systems is a pourable precast concrete that takes the guesswork and trial and error out of your decorative pieces. A PRE-Blended, fiber enhanced (GRFC) concrete curing out at 11,000 PSI. Poured at only 3/4″ without reinforcement reduces the backbreaking weight. You can demold in as little as 6 hours! It can be colored internally and topically (see Surecrete Master & Eco-Stain Color Charts). You can still do all the faux tricks that can be done with any other mix. You will get the color you desire from their color charts. Surecrete is a great system for the homeowner and contractors.

XS-Precast is a pourable commercial grade mix. Mix 1 bag of XS-Precast (gray or white), 1 gal liquid modifier, add color of your choice and pour. 

XS-Precast Technical Data Sheet
WaltTools Tru-Pac Cis a great pour in place or precast concrete countertop system for homeowners without braking the bank. Make your home improvement bagged concrete workable and stronger by adding 1 bag of Tru-Pac C.

Tru-Pac C Technical Data Sheet

For resurfacing existing countertops with METALLIC EPOXIES, we have all the products. 

i.e. High temperature epoxies, metallic colors, and primers.

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Recommended SEALERS

XS-327 is considered the benchmark for concrete countertop sealers. It is quick and easy to apply, and you should never have to reseal your countertop. It is a low VOC (25 g/L) penetrating sealer  with excellent resistance to acidic food and high heat (300°F, 149°C). XS-327 has little to no odor, making it ideal for residential application. We recommend this sealer for all concrete countertop systems! 

Available in Matte or Semi-gloss, leaving a natural finish. It will not change the color of your countertop.

Technical Data Sheet (Everything you need to know about XS-327)
SiAcyl 14  is a water based penetrating sealer that is re-coatable with minimal prep work. It is easy to apply and quickly cures for a natural satin finish. It provides protection from scratches, water, and stains while being food safe and environmentally friendly.

Technical Data Sheet (Everything you need to know for SiAcryl 14)
Counter Shine (Polish)  provides additional shine and protection on top of your already sealed concrete countertop with SiAcryl 14.
Z Aqua-Poxy is a 2 component water based epoxy providing a tradition epoxy look with the ease of a water based sealer. It applies thin but can be built up with 2-3 thin coats. It finishes with a medium gloss with little to no darkening. This is meant for indoor use only.
NOTE: Light sanding must be done between each coat.

Technical Data Sheet (Everything you need to know about Z Aqua-Poxy)