Concrete Densifier + Repeller

Protect your concrete against freezing and thawing damage, and increase the strength, hardness, and density with Concrete Densifier + Repeller. With this unique densifier, get penetration with the lithium silicate and strength from colloidal silica. 

Concrete Densifier + Repeller is different from Acrylic & Silicone Sealers by penetrating deep into the concrete permanently changing it, so it does not wear out, eliminating the need for re-coating. It does not change the color or appearance of concrete and is not slippery when wet.  The sealer is VOC compliant, does not smell and the concrete can be put back in use within hours.  Excellent Cure and Seal, can be applied to new and old concrete.

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SureCrete Cure & Seal 250

Available in Low VOC CS 250LV 

Cure and protect your newly poured concrete or colored/stamped concrete. Most sealers repel moisture and stains on the surface but are breathable to allow moisture in the concrete below out. 

Cure and Seals 250 & 250 LV  is solvent-based and uses a styrenated acrylic, with the intention of not allowing moisture in the concrete out. With this very specific attribute, cure and seals are used on freshly poured concrete surfaces that have a high amount of moisture left in the cement and aggregate surface. By doing so it slows the curing process and allows the concrete to become stronger and more durable for seal curing concrete. Use CS250 over freshly poured stamped concrete to protect it during the curing period (28 days).  Then clean the concrete and apply the CS 300 for the final long-lasting finish coat.  

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