Tufflex Solvent Free “Tuff”

A liquid-applied, water-catalyzed urethane elastomeric membrane used in Tufflex High Performance Coating Systems, providing seamless and flexible waterproofing protection.


Tufflex Solvent Free “Tuff” is a versatile liquid-applied Water Catalyzed Urethane (WCU) elastomeric membrane that serves as a key component in many Tufflex High Performance Coating Systems. This durable membrane, when properly applied, forms a seamless and flexible barrier that effectively protects against water damage, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

One of the primary uses of Solvent Free “Tuff” is in protecting concrete and plywood pedestrian walking decks. This includes hard-usage areas such as ski resort sun decks, vehicle parking decks, and mechanical equipment rooms. It is also commonly used as an under tile waterproofing membrane, providing reliable protection in wet areas.

For plywood decking systems, it is recommended to refer to the Tufflex Solvent Free “SOFT” Technical bulletin for further information to ensure proper application. Additionally, Solvent Free “Tuff” is used to create seamless and cushioned membranes and mats over porous concrete in veterinary and locker room areas.

The versatility of Solvent Free “Tuff” extends to marine applications, where it is used to provide seamless and flexible waterproofing and rustproofing decking systems on ships. Its seamless application ensures a reliable barrier against water intrusion, even in demanding marine environments.

Solvent Free “Tuff” is easy to apply in both interior and exterior areas, offering convenience and efficiency in waterproofing projects. For detailed application guidelines and further information, refer to the Tufflex Specifications. Upgrade your waterproofing systems with Solvent Free “Tuff” and enjoy durable, long-lasting protection against water damage.

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