Tufflex Elasta-Tuff 5000 Basecoat

A high-adhesion, single-component, liquid-applied polyurethane waterproofing coating, used as a base coat for Tufflex Polymers’ deck and roof coating systems.


Elasta-Tuff 5000 is a high-quality, single-component, liquid-applied polyurethane waterproofing coating, designed for exceptional adhesion and durability. This versatile coating serves as the First Coat or Base Coat for most of Tufflex Polymers’ polyurethane deck and roof coating systems, providing a reliable foundation for waterproofing projects.

One of the key features of Elasta-Tuff 5000 is its high adhesion properties, ensuring a strong bond to various substrates. It is used in areas where a low VOC, medium solvent-containing base coat is desired, making it a versatile choice for environmentally conscious projects.

Elasta-Tuff 5000 is the standard Base Membrane used in most of the Elasta-Tuff vehicular traffic bearing and pedestrian deck coating systems, offering excellent performance in demanding applications. For specific application guidelines and compatibility, it is recommended to refer to the pertinent Installation Specification Data Sheet for each system.

The curing time of Elasta-Tuff 5000 varies based on environmental conditions, curing faster in warm weather and high humidity, and slower in cool temperatures and low humidity. To accelerate the rate of cure, Tufflex Accelerators can be incorporated into the coating.

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