NewLook Smart Seal AU-34

Approximately 300 – 500 square feet (27.9 – 46.5 square meters) per gallon.


Protect your high-traffic concrete with NewLook’s innovative SmartSeal AU, a very durable nano-acrylic urethane top coat sealer for surfaces subject to heavier wear and tear.
SmartSeal AU dries quickly and, once cured, creates a very abrasion-resistant film that provides weatherproof protection against sun, rain, most acids, industrial chemicals, oil and grease. SmartSeal AU complies with all environmental regulations (VOC < 100 g/L).
SmartSeal AU may be used for both interior and exterior concrete floors. However, NewLook recommends using sealers with lower solids content outdoors where breathability is more critical. Apply SmartSeal AU with NewLook’s Gription slip-resistant grit for greater traction.
Features & Benefits:
  • Water-based, nano-acrylic urethane
  • Very Good exterior & interior protection
  • Excellent blush & early water resistance
  • May be applied to damp concrete surfaces
  • Very strong hot-tire pickup resistance
  • Early block resistance; reduces dirt pickup
  • Non-yellowing
  • Water-based, eco-friendly solution
  • UV-resistant; strong UV-blockers
  • Reistant to water, chemicals and abrasion
  • High-traffic concrete & masonry
  • Interior and exterior concrete floors
  • Residential and commercial
  • Retail and restaurant concrete flooring
  • Industrial garages & warehouse floors
  • Kitchen and basements

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300-500 sqft per gallon


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