NewLook Nanoset Densifier

What makes NanoSet Densifier NS better than silicates or lithium?
– Less expensive
– More reactive sites yields most efficient chemical reaction
– Non-caustic, more neutral pH formula
– Builds up surface density; reacts and bonds with itself
– Rescues damaged and soft concrete
– Bonds to silica in overlayments
– Smaller molecular ion (5 nm) yields efficient penetration



NanoSet Densifier NS is a blend of reactive nano-silica that penetrates concrete deeply and efficiently to increase surface density and hardness, as well as provide additional protection and longevity of the concrete substrate.

The water-based formulation has concentrated nano-sized silica particles (5 nm) with a pH of 9.5 that efficiently bond with existing cementitious components, offering incredible protection and longevity.

NanoSet Densifier NS improves the bond between coatings and treated concrete and mortar surfaces; it reduces the occurrence of peeling, cracking and loss of bond caused by capillary moisture or internal chemical reactions.

Additional information


300-500 sqft per gallon

Mixing Ratio

For new concrete, add six (6) parts water. For aged, existing concrete add four (4) parts water.


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