Surecrete CS 250 Cure & Seal

Place over new concrete. Regular or colored/stamped.
You can the apply regular acrylic sealer over the top after 28 day cure. We Recommend Surecrete  200 20% solids or 300 30% solids.

No need to wait for sealing as with other sealers on the market.




CS 250 is a 25% solids finishing membrane that enhances the curing process of freshly placed concrete and provides protection simultaneously. Upon application it forms a water retentive film that beneficially restricts moisture loss allowing concrete to reach its optimal cure and hardness.

CS 250 is a color enhancing, gloss coat helpful in preventing dusting, spalling, moisture and chemical migration through a slab and improves resistance to freeze/thaw cycles. It protects during the many phases of construction from incidental staining, UV protection, and abrasion resistance. CS 250 improves any concrete upon placement: driveways and sidewalks, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, terrazzo, parking garages, or any other slab, whether industrial, commercial, or residential. This product should not serve as a sealer for concrete overlay systems.

Why should I use Cure and Seal CS 250 instead of a curing agent and a sealer?

Chemical curing compounds are temporary curing agents. If you use a curing compound and want to come back with another protective coating later – an epoxy, an acrylic sealer, even a penetrating sealer; that curing compound can’t be there. It has to be completely removed before any additional sealants can be applied over top. If its an interior application it will never go away by itself; it would have to be removed after 28 days – a very messy job, and certainly one that no homeowner wants to go about doing. Cure and Seal CS 250 doesn’t have those strict limitations. It can be placed on your surface and then without removing it later, a new coating can be placed over top to give your substrate better protection.

Additional information


300-500 sqft per gallon


5 gallons