Coatary Super Low Viscosity Epoxy Primer EPOX101-2 Max Bond Clear 100% Solids 2 gal

Coatary Super Low Viscosity Epoxy Primer EPOX101-2 Max Bond is a high-performance, clear primer designed to penetrate deeply and create a strong bond with substrates, ensuring a durable and reliable epoxy finish.



Coatary Super Low Viscosity Epoxy Primer EPOX101-2 Max Bond is a premium-grade, 100% solids, clear epoxy primer formulated to deliver exceptional adhesion and penetration. This primer is specifically designed for use in a variety of applications where a robust and long-lasting bond is essential.

Key Features:

  • Super Low Viscosity: The low viscosity formula allows the primer to penetrate deeply into substrates, enhancing adhesion and providing a strong foundation for subsequent epoxy layers.
  • Max Bond: Engineered to create an incredibly strong bond with concrete, wood, and other porous surfaces, ensuring the longevity and durability of the epoxy system.
  • 100% Solids: The 100% solids composition means there are no solvents or fillers, resulting in a thicker, more durable coating that won’t shrink or crack over time.
  • Clear Finish: The clear formulation allows the natural beauty of the substrate to show through, making it ideal for decorative applications where aesthetics are important.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for use in industrial, commercial, and residential settings, including garages, basements, warehouses, and more.


  • Concrete Floors: Provides a strong, durable base for epoxy coatings in industrial and commercial concrete floors.
  • Wood Surfaces: Enhances adhesion and durability of epoxy finishes on wooden substrates, making it perfect for wooden floors and countertops.
  • Basements and Garages: Ideal for residential use, offering a reliable primer for epoxy coatings in basements, garages, and other high-traffic areas.
  • Decorative Coatings: The clear finish allows for use in decorative epoxy flooring systems, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the underlying substrate.

Coatary Super Low Viscosity Epoxy Primer EPOX101-2 Max Bond ensures a high-performance, durable bond for your epoxy coatings. Its super low viscosity allows for deep penetration and strong adhesion, making it the perfect primer for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re working on industrial floors, residential basements, or decorative projects, this epoxy primer provides the reliable foundation needed for a long-lasting and beautiful finish.