Coatary U60AC-1 Premium Urethane Activator (Part B) 1 gal

Coatary U60AC-1 Premium Urethane Activator (Part B) is the essential hardener for the Polyester Urethane system, ensuring a durable, high-performance finish when mixed with Part A.



Coatary U60AC-1 Premium Urethane Activator (Part B) is a vital component of the Polyester Urethane 60% Solids system. This 1-gallon activator is specifically formulated to work seamlessly with Part A, creating a robust, high-performance coating suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Performance: Designed to activate and enhance the properties of the Polyester Urethane (Part A), ensuring maximum durability and chemical resistance.
  • Fast Cure Time: Facilitates a faster curing process, allowing for quicker return to service and reduced downtime.
  • Superior Adhesion: Improves the adhesion of the coating to a wide range of substrates, ensuring a long-lasting bond and finish.
  • UV Stability: Contributes to the overall UV resistance of the coating, preventing yellowing and degradation from prolonged sun exposure.
  • Easy Mixing: Formulated for easy mixing with Part A, ensuring a consistent and high-quality application.


  • Industrial and Commercial Floors: Enhances the performance of the coating on factory floors, warehouses, and other high-traffic areas.
  • Concrete Structures: Ideal for protecting and enhancing concrete floors, walls, and other structures.


  • Enhanced Durability: The activator works with Part A to create a coating that withstands heavy use, abrasion, and impact.
  • Chemical and UV Resistance: Improves the coating’s resistance to chemicals and UV exposure, ensuring longevity and maintaining its appearance.
  • Professional Finish: Ensures a smooth, high-quality finish with excellent flow and leveling properties.

When mixed with Coatary Polyester Urethane 60% Solids (Part A), Coatary U60AC-1 Premium Urethane Activator (Part B) forms a high-performance coating that meets the rigorous demands of industrial and commercial settings. This premium activator ensures that the final coating is durable, chemically resistant, and UV stable, providing long-lasting protection and a professional finish on concrete surfaces.