UPI-6460 Polyurea-Polyurethane

A two-component, liquid-applied hybrid polyurea polyurethane designed for use as a mix-in-the-bucket, but yet rapid-curing, monolithic waterproofing membrane. UREA-DEK 6460 is designed for use as a rapid curing, high mil thickness, liquid-applied, high solids elastomeric waterproofing membrane for concrete, plywood, or metallic substrate.





  • Solvent Free, Non-Gassing, Rapid Curing
  • Easy Application by Squeegee, Trowel or Roller
  • Resilient to Expansion and Contraction of Substrate
  • High Adhesion, Stress-Relieving, Crack Bridging Membrane
  • Provides 100% Contact, Eliminates Migratory Water Problems
  • Designed for Demanding Exterior Application

Additional information


Sidewalk Grey


5 gallons


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