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Surecrete Packing Additive (1 qt)

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XS GFRC Face – 2 capfuls
XS Precast – 1-2 capfuls


SureCrete’s XS Packing Additive is a thickening agent designed for the Xtreme Series mixes. Although it can be used in all mix designs for a thickening effect, it is most effective used with the Xtreme Series Face Mix and the Xtreme Series PreCast Mix.

Packing Additive is often used to achieve looks otherwise unattainable through conventional casting mix textures and formulations. The “Pressed” precast texture method is one such look – achieved through the hand-packing of small balls of XS Face mix combined with the XS Packing Additive product. When you need to place a slightly “thicker” mix without affecting the curing process of your casted concrete piece, XS Packing Additive can help you achieve your goals.


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