SiAcryl 14 Penetrating Sealer

This is a water-based penetrating sealer for use on concrete countertops. Repels most foods and liquids


SiAcryl 14™ Sealer is a penetrating and mild film forming water base concrete sealer for concrete countertops, dyed or acid stained floors or micro-topped surfaces. Using a proprietary polymer and silicone technology, SiAcryl 14 offers good surface protection without the need for a heavy coating. It quickly cures to a natural, satin finish that is nearly impenetrable to both water and common stain causing items and exhibits a high resistance to scratching. SiAcryl 14 is also re-coatable with minimal prep work involved.

Some benefits of this product include: easy application, long term wear capabilities, dries to a minimal luster, breathable coating, re-coatable, food safe, and environmentally friendly (water clean up).



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75-100 sq ft (3-4 coats)

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