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Surecrete Eco-Stain (Choose Size & Color)

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4 oz (118 mL) bottle
1 qt (947 mL) jug
1 gal (3.8 L) jug
5 gal (18.9 L) pail
Varies from no water dilution to approximately 4 parts
water to 1 part Eco-Stain (4:1)
200 ft² (18.6 m²) per mixed gallon (3.8 L)

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SureCrete’s Eco-Stain is a liquid-form concrete stain that puts you as the applicator head and shoulders above your competition. Unlike most concrete stains commonly used in the decorative concrete market today, Eco-Stain uses an eco-friendly; water-based formula that contains zero VOC’s and has no pungent chemical aroma.

So how does it work? Unlike acid stains which perform a chemical reaction once in contact with the surface of the concrete in order to achieve their color, Eco-Stain is a penetrating concrete stain which gives much more control over the design and colors you may want to apply on your project. Giving you more control isn’t the only benefit, though. Since it is a water-based solution, there is no need for any neutralization or clean-up! As soon as the product has been down long enough to be dry to the touch, you’re ready to seal! No in-between steps to slow you and your crew down!

On top of these wonderful benefits, we’ve made sure that the pigments used in Eco-Stain are UV-Stable, so as long as a sealer is applied; the colors will not fade or yellow when subjected to sunlight. And since we made the pigments so stable, we thought it would also be a good idea to give you more of them. The Eco-Stain standard color chart houses 29 vibrant stock colors to choose from, and these colors can be mixed and matched to your content to achieve a literally limitless color palette

Where can I use it? Eco-Stain is an extremely versatile product, and as such, it can be applied in a near unlimited range of substrates and locations. Many will use our water-based eco-stain to add more depth of color to a freshly poured or stamped and textured slab or on fresh concrete overlays. Its uses aren’t limited to just new concrete, though. An old slab that, at one time, may have had vibrant color can be revived using our Eco-Stain product along with a fresh coat of sealer. This stain can even be used to color precast concrete countertops and sinks, as well as architectural or sculptural casted concrete. Its uses are near limitless.

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Autumn Gold, Aztec Gold, Beechnut, Burnt Crimson, Domino, Harvest Yellow, Kayak, Kodiak, Magnet, Oak, Safari Tan, Espresso, Spanish Red, Pewter, Walnut, White, Titanium, Cool Forest, Green Olive, Thai Green


4 oz., 1 Qt., 1 Gal.


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Eco-Stain is a product that is not meant to be solely used by the licensed contractor. As it is extremely easy to apply, we encourage homeowners and DIY “weekend warriors” to pick it up and try a bottle in their own homes and projects. It provides many benefits over other staining products for a homeowner that is looking to improve or re-design an area of their living space.

First, it is very easy to use – there is no need to rent special equipment or take any kind of training to be able to use the product. It can be sprayed, painted or simply poured out onto your surface. And if you mess up, you can simply wash away the unwanted stain with water! And second, Eco-Stain is extremely eco- and user-friendly. It is completely non-caustic and can be applied by anyone since there is absolutely no aroma or chemicals being released into the air during application. It can be touched with bare hands without fear of chemical burns or skin irritation.

If you are a professional, the simplicity and versatility of Eco-Stain can help you to seriously cut job costs by cutting out a lot of labor and training associated with typical concrete staining by no longer having to deal with chemical residue clean up or acid pH neutralization. It will also help you land new jobs you may have previously turned down in two very important ways:

As a water-based, eco-friendly concrete staining product, it can help to generate LEED points on jobs where this keeping the environment safe is of a high priority. With a wider color range and more control over how that color is applied, you’ll be capable of creating a much larger variety of custom designs for your clients. Since it is so versatile in the different types of substrates and locations it can be used in, you will be able to keep a few colors on hand to be able to do a multitude of different jobs on an as-needed basis, making you much more flexible than your competition in getting jobs done now, rather than later.


Eco-Stain is probably the easiest one of our products you could attempt to use. Really, there’s more work in preparing your surface than there is in staining it!

  1. Clean your surface – Whatever substrate you are applying Eco-Stain to, it must first be clear of all other stains and/or sealers that were previously applied.
  2. “Profile” your surface – Since Eco-Stain is a penetrating concrete stain, the surface must be able to have water penetrate into it! Otherwise the stain will simply sit on top of the concrete and never dry into the surface. Profiling is typically done mechanically or with some form of mild chemical, we suggest the use of SCR – Super Concrete Renovator to take care of both steps 1 and 2 in this application process.
  3. Apply your stain! This can be done in any number of ways, with any number of tools! For more control, we suggest using a fine brush or airless sprayer. However, for “messy” looks, this product can be simply poured out onto your surface and spread around with something as simple as a paint roller or a towel!
  4. Once the Eco-Stain is dry to the touch (none comes up when you swipe your finger across the surface of your floor or countertop), an appropriate sealer should be applied to preserve the integrity of your project. For exterior projects, we suggest using a clear acrylic sealer such as HS 260 or Super 20, and for interior projects we suggest the utilization of any number of Epoxies, Polyurethanes or Polyaspartics.