White Countertop Mix

Z Counterform Countertop Mix: an all in one, high strength, white concrete for casting countertops.


Z Counterform Countertop Mix is a pre blended, all in one, high strength castable concrete mix designed for the creation of concrete countertops. Z Countertop Mix offers the very best graded blend of aggregates, Portland cement and proprietary admixtures to ensure no curl, shrink or deformation. The use of a specialized acrylic fiber network and ultra low water addition make Z Counterform Countertop Mix the perfect choice for both your precast and cast in place designs.

There are many benefits to this product including: a white blend for optimum color enhancement, non-sticky mix for easier application and completion, quick cure time, and works with stains, integral colors, and hardeners.

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50 lb bag


2.5 sqft