WaltTools Tru Pac X

Tru Pac X is used both indoors and outdoors. Its uses range from decorative vertical, countertops, furniture and some flatwork overlay.  It is Resin and Fiber modified, but is not lightweight.


Tru Pac X is a very versatile, high strength 16 lb ad pac that is added to an 80 lb bag of TYPE S MORTAR MIX.

It can be applied from approximately ¼ inch up to 4 inches on properly profiles scratch coats.

What is the coverage of the products? Vertical mix coverage can vary greatly based on thickness applied and how much loss you actually have carving.  Both X and V provide about the same coverage even though the batch weights are different.  V is an 80 lb batch that is lightweight, X is a 98 pound batch that is normal weight.  Generally you can expect approximately 12 sq ft at 1 ½ inches.  If you are going to only go ¾ inch thick then double your coverage.  Conversely if you are going 3 inches thick the you will only cover about 6 sq ft per batch.

Do I really need a scratch coat? Yes, you really should make use of a proper scratch coat

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16 lbs