Tufflex Elasta-Tuff 6000-AR

An economical, single-component, liquid-applied aromatic polyurethane industrial maintenance coating, used as a topcoat and aggregate binding coat in various urethane decking systems.


Elasta-Tuff 6000-AR is a versatile and durable single-component, liquid-applied, moisture-cured aromatic polyurethane coating, designed for industrial maintenance applications. This coating serves as an economical topcoat and aggregate binding coat in several Tufflex Urethane Decking Systems, providing exceptional weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and color stability.

One of the key uses of Elasta-Tuff 6000-AR is as the “aggregate receiving coat” in decorative colored-quartz decking systems, where it enhances the appearance and durability of the surface. It is also used as the abrasion-resistant and weather-resistant topcoat in many Elasta-Tuff vehicular traffic bearing and pedestrian deck coating systems, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding environments.

Elasta-Tuff 6000-AR is best used where optimum weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and color stability are required. It is commonly used in conjunction with Elasta-Tuff 5000 and Elasta-Tuff 5000-HT Base Membranes and Intermediate Membranes, forming a composite system that contracts with lower temperatures and expands with higher temperatures, providing flexibility and durability.

Available Colors: Monterey Sand, Sidewalk Gray

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