Stone Edge Surfaces SwiftSet Self-Leveler

A fast-setting, polymer-enhanced, hydraulic cement self-leveling underlayment mix for creating smooth, flat, and level surfaces for various flooring installations.


Stone Edge Surfaces SwiftSet Self-Leveler is a versatile and high-performance self-leveling underlayment mix designed for indoor and outdoor use. This NON-Gypsum formula is a single-component mix that requires only the addition of water, making it convenient and easy to use.

SwiftSet Self-Leveler is ideal for creating smooth, flat, and level surfaces for the installation of tile, carpet, and other flooring types. It is a fast-setting mix, with a set time of 2-4 hours, allowing for quick installation and fast turnaround times. The product is walkable in 4-6 hours and can support floor coverings in 4-8 hours (non-moisture sensitive) or 16-24 hours (moisture sensitive). It is drivable in 24-48 hours, providing a rapid solution for flooring projects.

This self-leveler creates a strong physical and chemical bond to a concrete substrate when used with Stone Edge Surfaces Primer 100 (cut 50/50 with water). By applying SwiftSet while the primer is still fresh, you can achieve a deeper fill by adding aggregate. The product dries to over 7,000 psi, ensuring a durable and long-lasting surface.

Application of SwiftSet Self-Leveler can be done by pouring or pumping the mix onto a stable substrate. Due to the mix’s surface tension, it may be necessary to push, screed, or roll the mix to keep it flowing until it reaches all barriers.

Stone Edge Surfaces SwiftSet Self-Leveler is ASTM E84 fire-rated, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, including basements, multi-story building floors, walkways, bathrooms, and commercial concrete parking structures and garages. It can also be used for sound, fire, and smoke mitigation when applied over sound mat or other sound or fire-mitigating materials.

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