Pro Seal – Stone Edge Surfaces

∙Ideal for vertical surfaces including brick, concrete block, and stucco
∙Applied with low pressure (garden) sprayer, airless sprayer, brush, or roller
∙No volatile organic emission
∙Can be mixed with water-based pigments for tinting
∙Soap and water clean up
∙Moisture tolerant and breathable ∙OTC compliant
∙Strengthens surface area
∙Low maintenance costs
∙Reduces efflorescence
∙Deep penetrating


Technical Data Sheet


Stone Edge Surfaces Acrylic Water Based Sealer, No VOC.   Primarily used for the adhering and penetration of the Stone Edge coloring process. upon either the horizontal overlay system or the vertical wall mix system to achieve base, antiquing, or accenting coloration. Meant for the final sealing process for the Stone Edge vertical wall mix system.  Pro-seal may also be used on vertical surfaces including concrete block, brick, stucco, synthetic stucco, plaster, masonite, drywall, galvanized metal, aluminum siding, adobe, wood fencing, stone, and more.  Strengthens Mortar joints, reduces efflorescence, acts as a color rejuvenator on older painted or colored surfaces

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5 gallons


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