NewGrind Rhino RX7 3 Head Grinder

A versatile hand grinder attachment designed for concrete, stone, terrazzo, and hardwood, ideal for various surfaces including floors, countertops, and walls.


The NewGrind Rhino RX7 3 Head Grinder is a powerful and versatile attachment designed for use on concrete, stone, terrazzo, and even hardwood surfaces. Its unique shape and three-headed design make it ideal for reaching those hard-to-access spaces, providing unmatched versatility in grinding and polishing applications.

This grinder is perfect for a wide range of surfaces, including floors, countertops, stairs, ledges, and walls, ensuring a consistent finish throughout your project. When used with our complete grinding and polishing system, the Rhino RX7 delivers incomparable results, leaving edges with the same professional look as the field.

To achieve optimal performance, we recommend using the Rhino RX7 with any variable speed 7” grinder/polisher. With an 8.75″ footprint, 1200 RPM disc speed, and weighing just 7lbs, the Rhino RX7 is lightweight and easy to maneuver.