Epoxy Doc 302 Epoxy Crack Paste


This easy to use product fills in small cracks and voids. I comes in equal amounts of part A and B. Mix 1 part B with 1 part B to a paste like consistency. All cracks and voids need to be filled to avoid epoxy run off. Apply crack filler mix with a trowel or puddy knife to a smooth finish. Unlike other crack repair materials Epoxydoc crack filler does not need to dry before applying an epoxy finish.

This easy to use product fills in all your small cracks.  It comes in a paste that allows you to smooth and fill in all cracks using a puddy knife.  If you have small cracks in the concrete you will need to fill those in.  Epoxies are self leveling and you want to prevent epoxy from running down into the void that the crack has created.  If you have any cracks in the concrete you need to order the epoxydoc crack filler paste, it’s the product for you.   It takes just a few minutes to mix, is super easy and fast to apply, and dries in a few short hours.   You can apply EPOXYDOC epoxy right over wet, undried crack filler paste so there is no down time.



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