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Surecrete CS-250 LV (5 gal.)


Place over new concrete. Regular or colored/stamped.
You can the apply regular acrylic sealer over the top after 28 day cure. We Recommend Surecrete  200 20% solids or 300 30% solids. 

COVERAGE: approximately 300-500 ft²/gal. per coat

CS-250 LV is a Low VOC <400 g/L

No need to wait for sealing as with other sealers on the market.

Surecrete HS-300 LV (5 gal.)


A high quality 30% solids acrylic sealer. Leaves a higher long lasting shine. Rolls out easy without roller marks and strings. Good for outside cement based overlays.

COVERAGE: approximately 200 – 240 ft²/gal., per coat

HS-300 LV is a low VOC <400 g/L

Convergent Pentra Finish (1 Gal.)


This novel treatment eliminates the need for floor waxes, liquid polishes and conventional resin based coatings. Yep, When you need that floor to look brand new for long-long-long into the future, this is what you want. What do they say about “first impressions” again?