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Surecrete CS-250 LV (5 gal.)

please call for prices (801) 222-0808

Place over new concrete. Regular or colored/stamped.
You can the apply regular acrylic sealer over the top after 28 day cure. We Recommend Surecrete  200 20% solids or 300 30% solids. 

COVERAGE: approximately 300-500 ft²/gal. per coat

CS-250 LV is a Low VOC <400 g/L

No need to wait for sealing as with other sealers on the market.

Surecrete HS-300 LV (5 gal.)

please call for prices (801) 222-0808

A high quality 30% solids acrylic sealer. Leaves a higher long lasting shine. Rolls out easy without roller marks and strings. Good for outside cement based overlays.

COVERAGE: approximately 200 – 240 ft²/gal., per coat

HS-300 LV is a low VOC <400 g/L

Convergent Pentra Finish (1 Gal.)

please call for prices (801) 222-0808

This novel treatment eliminates the need for floor waxes, liquid polishes and conventional resin based coatings. Yep, When you need that floor to look brand new for long-long-long into the future, this is what you want. What do they say about “first impressions” again?