Universal Tint Paste

Universal Tint Paste is a versatile coloring agent designed for use with Surecrete’s RESIST line, allowing for custom color adjustments to meet specific project needs.


Universal Tint Paste is an adaptable and high-performance coloring agent specifically formulated to be used with Surecrete’s RESIST line of products. This tint paste offers a seamless way to achieve custom color variations, providing flexibility and precision for your decorative and functional concrete projects.

Whether you’re working on residential, commercial, or industrial applications, Universal Tint Paste ensures that you can match or create the exact shade needed to complement your design vision. The paste is easy to integrate into the Surecrete RESIST system, allowing for smooth and even color distribution without compromising the performance or integrity of the base material.

One of the key advantages of Universal Tint Paste is its consistency and reliability. It delivers vibrant, long-lasting colors that resist fading and wear, even in high-traffic areas or under harsh environmental conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from floors and countertops to vertical surfaces and decorative elements.

The paste is available in a variety of shades, enabling precise color matching and creative flexibility. This adaptability ensures that you can achieve the desired aesthetic effect while maintaining the durability and protective qualities of the Surecrete RESIST line.

In addition to its superior coloring properties, Universal Tint Paste is user-friendly and efficient. It integrates easily with the Surecrete RESIST products, requiring minimal effort and time to mix. This ensures that you can focus on application and finishing, streamlining the overall project workflow.

Overall, Universal Tint Paste is an essential component for any project involving Surecrete’s RESIST line, offering unmatched versatility and high-quality results. Its ability to provide custom color solutions enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your concrete surfaces, making it a valuable addition to your construction and design toolkit.

Antique White: Use with Gold Mine Sand. 1 tint per 3 bags = 10 gal resin + 15 sand + 5 tints

Silver Gray: Use with Silver Fox Sand. 1 tint per 3 bags = 10 gal resin + 15 sand + 5 tints