Surecrete XS Slurry

Designed to fill pinholes and voids in concrete countertops, panels etc..Just add water and color.


SureCrete’s XS Slurry mix was designed to quickly fill voids and pinholes in precast concrete pieces or any concrete where a smooth surface is desired. When combined with SureCrete’s Color Packs, it allows design elements to match, complement, or contrast with the concrete piece.

XS Slurry makes for an elegantly simple solution to a very typical problem in precast concrete pieces. Voids and pinholes can be very difficult to fill without having discoloration or concrete shrinkage issues. The incredibly small aggregate used to formulate the XS Slurry product allows it to be used to easily fill voids that other mixes (especially those made using the same material as was used to create the casted concrete piece) are simply unable to fill efficiently. Given that it can be applied by simply hand packing with gloves, XS Slurry can be applied by both professional fabricator crews and homeowners doing DIY projects.

Additional information


3.5 lbs


Depends upon application and substrate
3.5 lb (1.59 kg) Jar of XS Precast Slurry = approximately
65 in³ (1300 cm³)

Mixing Ratio

Approximately 4 parts dry volume XS
Precast Slurry to 1 part water