Surecrete SureBond

Specifically developed to use with SureStamp and Deep Patch. Designed to join these products to the main surface. Can be colored to match the overlay applied on top using TruColor packs. Comes in White & Grey.



SureBond™ is a single component, just add water, cement-based overlay bonding agent specifically developed for use with SureStamp and Deep Patch.
Its only function is to join these products to the host surface like concrete. It’s high cement content, and dry copolymer agents create the premier bond, while the little aggregate micro dowel’s into the substrate or area to be patched. SureBond™ is packaged with white cement and can be colored to match the overlay being applied on top by the use of SC TruColor color packs like gray.

When dealing with thicker texture patching and overlays for concrete, adhesion can become a serious issue. At SureCrete, we don’t recommend our contractors or DIY homeowners take any risks with their decorative and restorative concrete projects by having weak adhesion where they need it the most.

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1 – 50 lb. (22.7 kg) bag of SureBond varies widely due to profile, porosity of substrate, temperature, and how thirsty the concrete slab is., As a Bond Coat approximately 300-450 sq. ft.


50 lb bag


Grey, White


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