Liquid Color – Stone Edge Surfaces

Coloring Stone Edge Surfaces Overlay Mixes; Wall, Trowel, Spray, Stamp, Microtop, MicroGrout, Coloring Concrete, or  Coloring Stone




Stone Edge Surfaces Liquid colors are a blend of natural iron oxide pigments and water that come in 16 colors. Liquid colors are mixed with Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Seal, the rheological agent needed to carry the natural pigments deep into the concrete to give a lasting beautiful rich color. Liquid Colors can be added into Accent Enhancer for crack fill applications can also be used in place of Stone Edge Surfaces ColorPax to tint any of the Stone Edge Surfaces Overlay Mixes to achieve a uniform color throughout the mix. Comes in 16 individual colors in 32 OZ bottles.


Base/Top Coat: Applied topically and integrally
Thickness: N/A
Application Method: Brush, Spray Bottle, Sponge, Sprayer, Integrally
Working Time: 30 min to 1 hour

Products Used With
  • Pro Seal (Pro Seal is the Reactive Agent Needed for Penetration)
  • Wall Mix Topical & Integral
  • Stamp Mix Topical & Integral
  • Spray Mix Topical & Integral
  • Trowel Mix Topical & Integral MicroTop Topical & Integral
  • MicroGrout Topical & Integral
Commonly Applied Over
  • Concrete Overlays
  • Concrete
  • Stone

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