Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond Ultra

A commercial-grade, heavily polymerized concrete overlay mix for various uses, including sloping, patching, repair, and refurbishment.


Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond Ultra is a versatile and durable concrete overlay mix designed for commercial, industrial, and residential use. This heavily polymerized mix serves as both a base coat and top coat, offering extreme bonding without the need for a primer. Just add water to create a mix that can be pumped or hand-mixed, making it convenient for various applications.

Pro Bond Ultra boasts over 5,000 psi strength and can be applied to a variety of substrates, including concrete, plaster, drywall, Styrofoam, brick, block, and tile. It can be used for creating positive slopes, broom finishes, and light textures, as well as for patching and repair work. The mix can be troweled and applied in thicknesses ranging from feather thin to 6+ inches without added sand.

This versatile mix can also be used as a crack repair solution for larger “dead” cracks and, when combined with fiber lath or mesh, as a crack bridge over “live” cracks. Additionally, Pro Bond Ultra is suitable for use as an EIFS type stucco, thanks to its polymerization, multiple finish options, integral color capability, and excellent adhesion to various wall materials.

Common uses of Pro Bond Ultra include creating water features, waterfalls, faux cliff faces, boulders, and rock formations. It serves as a base coat in Stone Edge Surfaces Deck Waterproofing systems and can be used as a top coat mix, accepting broom finishes and other textures, as well as topical colors. The product comes in a 50 lb bag in gray color.

Stone Edge Surfaces Pro Bond Ultra is ASTM E84 Class A Fire and Smoke certified, making it suitable for use in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential applications where durability, versatility, and high performance are required.

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