Polytek Formrub 35

1:1 ratio



Use FormRub Series liquid polyurethane rubbers to make high-performance molds that stand up to the rigors of high-production casting and forming of concrete.

These liquid rubbers are two-part systems that cure at room temperature and can be demolded from original models after ~16 hours. All FormRub product options have simple, 1A:1B mix ratios and are low-viscosity mixes that flow easily across detailed models.

In addition to concrete, FormRub molds are often used to cast plaster and wax. With use of an appropriate release agent, some resins and foams can also be cast in FormRub molds.



  • Shore A35 to A65 hardness mold rubbers
  • Low viscosity
  • 1A:1B mix ratios
  • High-strength, abrasion-resistant, long-lasting molds
  • Reproduces fine details
  • Pourable or brushable (see “Thickeners” under “Accessories” for brushing)
  • Can be accelerated for rapid cure
  • Economical & versatile
  • Ideal for the most demanding mold making applications
  • All rubbers can be demolded after ~16 hours

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