Nova Sports Novasurface Resurfacer

Nova Sports Novasurface is a high-quality resurfacing compound designed to repair and prepare pickleball courts, providing a smooth and durable foundation for optimal play.



Technical Data Sheet

Nova Sports Novasurface is a premium resurfacing compound specifically formulated to repair and prepare pickleball courts for optimal play conditions. This advanced compound is engineered to address surface imperfections, ensuring a smooth, even, and durable foundation that enhances the overall quality and longevity of the court.

Novasurface is designed to fill cracks, level low spots, and repair other surface defects that can affect the performance and safety of a pickleball court. Its superior adhesion properties ensure that it bonds effectively to existing surfaces, whether they are concrete or asphalt. This strong bond creates a uniform base that is ideal for subsequent application of finishing coatings.

One of the key benefits of Novasurface is its ability to create a seamless and smooth playing surface. This ensures consistent ball bounce and player movement, which are critical for high-quality pickleball play. By eliminating surface irregularities, Novasurface helps prevent tripping hazards and enhances the overall safety of the court.

In addition to its functional advantages, Novasurface is also formulated to be easy to apply. It can be spread evenly over the court surface using standard equipment, making it a practical choice for both professional installers and facility maintenance teams. The compound cures to a hard, resilient finish that is ready to withstand the demands of active play and harsh weather conditions.

Durability is a hallmark of Novasurface. Once cured, it provides a robust foundation that resists wear and tear, ensuring that the pickleball court maintains its integrity over time. This durability translates to reduced maintenance costs and longer intervals between resurfacing projects, making Novasurface a cost-effective solution for court preparation and repair.

Furthermore, Novasurface is designed to be compatible with a variety of topcoats and finishing systems, including Nova Sports’ own range of acrylic coatings. This compatibility ensures that the resurfaced court can be easily finished to achieve the desired aesthetic and performance characteristics, whether the goal is a vibrant, colorful court or a classic, professional appearance.

In summary, Nova Sports Novasurface is an essential product for preparing and repairing pickleball courts. Its superior adhesion, ease of application, and durable finish make it the ideal choice for creating a smooth and reliable foundation, ensuring that players can enjoy a high-quality playing experience on a safe and well-maintained surface.

Available Colors:

  • Black

Comes in either a 5 gallon pail or 30 gallon drum.