Surecrete SureStain Chemical Responsive Acid Stain

200 sq. ft. per coat/gallon


SureCrete’s SureStain is not a typical stain or dye. It is made from a very mild hydrochloric or phosphoric acid solution, wetting agents, and metallic ions (salts), and specially formulated pigments. When applied on concrete or any cementitious topping the metallic ions chemically react with the free alkaline in the cement forming oxides that produce the color. Unlike dyes that produce an even color, SureStain produces the multi-hued, variegated, mottled look of natural stone. Earth Tones perform similarly to other reactive acid stains, but with very little residue at clean-up.

Due to the volatile, reactive nature of the SureStain product line, no two concrete staining projects will ever be exactly alike. Depending on the chemical composition of the concrete substrate you’re working and the amount of stain applied to the surface, so that even two similar substrates using the exact same color of SureStain can have vastly different outcomes in the natural variation that this type of staining method provides. While this type of decorative concrete product can be difficult to apply, we’ve made it as simple as possible – keeping labor costs down for professional applicators and still keeping it within the realm of ability for a homeowner to be able to apply in their own home or patio area.

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