Surecrete HS 200LV

A high quality 20% Solids Acrylic Sealer. User friendly, long lasting, easily applied without leaving strings. Leaves a long lasting shine. Low VOC <400 g/L




VOC Rating less than 400 g/L
Solids Content 20%
Shelf Life 2 years in original unopened container
Ready for recoat 24 hours
Light Duty Use 24 hours
Heavy Traffic Ready 72 hours
Appearance (cured) Clear Gloss or Matte
Appearance (wet) Clear
Water Resistance Excellent beads water
Mechanical Stability Excellent
Light Stability Excellent
Diluent Hydrocarbons
Odor Solvent
Application Temperature 50 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit

Additional information


200-240 sqft per gallon per coat


5 gallons


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