Surecrete Eco Prime

Varies from no water dilution to approximately 4 parts
water to 1 part Eco-Stain (4:1)
200 ft² (18.6 m²) per mixed gallon (3.8 L)


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SureCrete’s Eco-Prime was created for substrates that are excessively porous. Particularly concrete that was finished poorly (not closed with a steel trowel), broomed, or very old concrete may absorb Eco-Stain so deeply that little color, if any, is visible. Eco-Prime reduces the porosity allowing the color to reach full development. Eco-Prime is clear and will leave no color when dry. Eco-Prime may be used across an entire project if excessive porosity is apparent. It may also be used on just those isolated areas that are “open”.

When looking to save time and money on a jobsite, contractors are always looking for new methods and techniques in order to get the most out of their projects. EcoPrime can help by preventing the over-use of Eco-Stain or similar coatings products that need to penetrate the surface of the concrete in order to be effective. It will also allow much more control over the look of the finished surface if a normally porous surface hs been primed well.

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