Surecrete DK 180 Pigmented Polyaspartic ColorTec

80% solids Polyaspartic, Colored in house to any Color! Used in Solid colors or with Flakes.  Replaces epoxy for fast turnaround epoxy flake floor systems. Color Chart or Any Sherwin Williams color


Dura-Kote PFC-180 is a specially formulated 80% solids hybrid solvent based polyaspartic coating. Unlike many polyaspartics, it has a user-friendly pot life of approximately 20 minutes and the ability to create a moderate build (6 ½ mil) single coat top coat. Turnaround time for a floor may be as little as 6 – 8 hours. Epoxy flakes may be covered in a single pass. Dura- Kote PFC-180 provides a low VOC (less than 200 g/L), UV stable, penetrating, film forming, color enhancing, and high gloss, moderate build wear surface. The rapid cure time eliminates excessive waiting to return a floor to service. It is ideally suited for both commercial and residential settings: aircraft hangars, clean room floors, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, bars, clubs, retail stores, automotive showrooms, residential interiors, garage floors, stadiums, or any high traffic area where an exceedingly resilient floor is desired.

Some projects simply require a realy fast turn-around time. PFC-180 is the ultimate combination of easy workability and fast curing properties. Using Dura-Kote PFC-180, the vast majority of concrete surfaces can be given a single coating and be ready to receive foot traffic in just a few hours! This is especially ideal in retail and service industry business arenas where closing shop for any period of time is simply not an option. With PFC-180, a professional contractor can easily prepare and seal an entire floor in just one 6 to 8 hour period of time. For a homeowner looking to complete his weekend project in just one day, PFC-180 can provide the necessary cure time without sacrificing any level of protection as might be typical of acrylic or other less chemical or abrasion resistant sealers. And at such a low VOC rating of under 200 grams per Liter, PFC-180 is also ideally suited for architecturally green projects and for generating LEED points to help land these types of jobs.

Additional information


1 gallon

Mixing Ratio

3:1 (3 part A to 1 part B)


Varies upon substrate: approximately 150 – 200 ft² per gal.
(14 – 18.5 m² per 3.8 liter) 11 – 8 mils wet; 8.8 – 6.4 mils


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