Pro Stamp (One Component Overlay) – Stone Edge Surfaces

Stamp Mix is a just add water polymer, fiber, aggregate and additive enhanced concrete overlay mix that allows a 2 to 6 hour open time for stamping and carving when applied over horizontal substrates. Stamp mix is used in residential or commercial horizontal interior or exterior stamped concrete overlay applications to achieve a realistic stamped or carved look of wood, stone, brick, paver, tile, rock, slate, and many more.

Colors: Gray or White

Size: 50 lb bag


Technical Data Sheet


  • Base/Top Coat: Top Coat (also used as Base Coat or Scratch Coat). Not for Deep Fill (use Pro Bond)
  • Thickness: Thin, 1/8” to 1/2” Max with 3/8” being most common for stamping
  • Application Method: Gauge Rake, Trowel, Stencil, Free Hand
  • Working Time: Average 2 to 6 hours (depending on application process, temperature, and thickness)

• Primer 100 & Primer 110
• Pro Bond
• Stains & Sealers
• Wall Mix when using as a scratch coat
• Liquid Colors & ColorPax


• Stamped Horizontal
• Carved Horizontal
• Floors
• Concrete Decks
• Driveway
• Patio
• Countertop
• Pool Deck
• Sidewalk / Walkway
• Vertical Scratch coat (¼” depth or less only)
• Wood Decks (see over wood application video


• Stable Substrate
• Concrete
• Wood (see over wood application video)
• Tile
• Painted Surface
• Cement Board
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Additional information


50 lb bag


Grey, White


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