Micro-Flex – Stone Edge Surfaces

∙May be either sprayed or rolled onto surface like paint
∙Warranted Bond Ability
∙Moisture tolerant and breathable
∙Very low influence from concrete vapor emission
∙No Volatile Organic Compound Emission
∙Contributes to USGBC credits under LEED rating system
∙Abrasion and wear resistant


Stone Edge Surfaces Micro-flex Mix is a polyacrylate, modified cementitious, overlay system that can be sprayed upon already textured concrete or manufactured stone both horizontally or vertically to leave the existing existence of texture while leaving a thin layer of cementitious product by which can be recolored. It is a water-phase elastomeric resin composition incorporating resin primers, cement, cement modifiers, polymers, aggregates. The components are supplied in a Part A, dry, 45 Lb. bagged mix of cement, aggregates and additives and a Part B liquid polymer modifier 500 in 5 gallon pails. Stone Edge Surfaces Micro-flex Mix is typically used as a spraying method for leaving a paint-like thin layer of cementitious product over an existing textured surface for the purpose of recoloring and rejuvenation.  Micro-flex may be rolled onto an already textured concrete surface with a ¾” nap roller or may be sprayed with a Wagner type power sprayer from hardware store. If applying over flat surface such as Garage floor or similar flatness then Stone Edge Surfaces Micro-flex must be sprayed through Wagner type sprayer. Stone Edge Surfaces Micro-flex may be applied over already sealed or painted concrete as well as may be acid stained after application has cured for more that 5 days. It is use can be enhanced by incorporating the use of pigments, stains and sealers to finish the coloring and sealing process.  Micro-flex Mix may also be used to shoot or roll over existing countertops that may also be acid stained after 5 days. Micro-flex may also be used as a crack fill if the presence of a hairline crack occurs in concrete surface

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37 lb. Pail




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