RL Flo-Master Acetone 3 Gal. Backpack Sprayer

Are you tired of sprayer’s going out on you in the middle of a project? So are we. Try this 3 gal Flo-Master. Heavy duty valves and seals. Heavy duty everything.  What would normally eat the heart out of a sprayer, won’t even pinch this sprayer. Acid tone resistant. With the change of the VOC level laws, the manufacturers have had to change the formulas of the products.  Instead of Zylean as base they are turning to acetone. Acetone is very hard on sprayers. This sprayer will take it. It is completely designed for the use of acetone.


Ideal for:

Industrial Grade.Designed for the exclusive use of ACETONE

  • Decorative Concrete
  • Over-spray clean up
  • Remover graffiti


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