LD-81 100% Acrylic Modifier

A high solids acrylic-polymer modifier that will give increased strength, flexibility, and adhesion to most cement based products. Makes the cement product more waterproof, more stain resistant and will extend its life.


LD-81 is primarily used as an additive to the Life Deck cement products so that they can be used to help waterproof decks, resurface and patch concrete and for a variety of exterior decorative concrete treatments. Can also be used for patch and repair applications, overlays, bond coats, floor toppings, and stucco application.

There are many advantages to using this product: increases strength, allows for optimum working time, can feather cement products, better adhesion to concrete surfaces, helps to waterproof and increase water resistance, water based safety, user-friendly, adds flexibility, doesn’t yellow, and more strength than PVA modifiers. 

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5 gallons