Epoxy Doc 101 100% Solids Epoxy

Choose Color. No VOC (low odor) State Compliant



We believe Epoxydoc 100% solids epoxy is the best in the industry with no VOC (low odor). We designed this epoxy to be tough, durable, and have a high bond strength.  It goes down at 10 to 12 mils thick in one pass. Unlike other epoxies, Epoxydoc was specially formulated to bond like crazy to concrete making your garage look great for years. You can expect your epoxy floor to look good many years later. This high build epoxy is great for high traffic areas such as garages, and industrial warehouses.

Epoxydoc 100% solids epoxy comes in a clear and many different colors.  You can buy this epoxy seperate or order epoxy kits.  Our epoxy kits consist of the same 100% solids epoxy with install tools.   You can use our Epoxydoc 100% solids clear epoxy to mix with metalics.   You can see the chart below with all the possibilities.  Just add the pre measured pack of metalic into the epoxy and apply to the floor.  Either way we have everything you need to install your new floor with perfection.


Additional information


480 sqft @ 10 mm, 630 sqft@ 7 mm


3 gallon kit