Coatary Epoxy Activator (Part B) 1 gal

Coatary Epoxy Activator is a versatile hardener designed to work with Coatary epoxy coatings, offering variants for different cure times, low viscosity, and moisture vapor barrier applications.



Coatary Epoxy Activator is a premium hardener specifically formulated to complement Coatary epoxy coatings. This activator comes in various options to cater to different application needs, including regular, fast cure, low viscosity, and moisture vapor barrier formulations. Each variant is designed to optimize the performance of the epoxy coating, ensuring a reliable and durable finish for a wide range of surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Options: Available in different cure times and viscosities to suit various project requirements.
  • Moisture Vapor Barrier: The moisture vapor barrier variant provides enhanced protection against moisture, ideal for surfaces prone to dampness.
  • Consistent Performance: Ensures a uniform cure and finish, maximizing the durability and appearance of the epoxy coating.
  • Easy Mixing: Designed for seamless integration with Coatary epoxy Part A components, providing a smooth application process.


  • Industrial Floors: Provides a tough, durable finish suitable for high-traffic industrial environments.
  • Commercial Spaces: Enhances the aesthetic and durability of floors in commercial settings.
  • Residential Projects: Ideal for garages, basements, and other residential areas requiring a robust floor coating.
  • Specialized Needs: The low viscosity and moisture vapor barrier options cater to specific project needs, ensuring optimal performance in unique conditions.

Coatary Epoxy Activator is the ideal choice for achieving a high-quality epoxy finish. Its range of variants allows for tailored solutions, whether you need a quick cure time, reduced viscosity, or additional moisture protection. This activator ensures that your Coatary epoxy coatings perform at their best, delivering a seamless, durable, and visually appealing surface every time.


  • E100MPAC-1 Regular
  • E100MPFAC-1 Fast
  • E100MVBFAC-1 Moisture Vapor Barrier
  • Super LV Regular
  • Super LV Fast