UPI UR-A-Spartic 8700

UR-A-SPARTIC 8700 is the ideal product when low odor, fast turnaround, and a non-yellowing system are essential.




The next generation in two component, fast drying, aliphatic polyaspartic ester coatings. While other aliphatic urethanes can only be applied between 4 and 6 mils, UR-A-SPARTIC 8700 can be applied in a single coat up to 14 mils. UR-A-SPARTIC 8700 features good abrasion and chemical resistance, and a cure time of two to four hours. It can be installed in unusually high or low temperatures. 

Some advantages of this product include: low odor, abrasion resistant, does not yellow, chemical resistance, fast drying, and impact resistant. UR-A-SPARTIC 8700 can also be installed over wood, concrete, or metal.

Additional information


10 gallon kit, 2 gallon kit




100-115 sqft per gallon


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