Surecrete MSDS

Surecrete MSDS can also be found in the product TDS under the Safety Data Sheet section.

Surecrete MSDS

Surface Preparation


Elasto Shield

LD 1800


Flash Patch

Deep Patch

Sure Bond

Concrete Overlays







Concrete Colorants

SC TruColor Packs

Eco Colorants

Eco Accent
Eco Stain

Xtreme Series Products

XS GFRC Modifier
XS-327 part A
XS-327 part B
XS-PC12 part A

XS-PC12 part B

XS Precast

XS Face

XS Terrazzo

XS Backer

XS TruColor

XS Veining

XS Packing Additive

XS Slurry

XS Forming System

XS Basalt Rods

ColorTec Sealers & Coatings

ColorTec Acrylic Sealer
ColorTec AcrylicLV Sealer
ColorTec WB Acrylic Sealer
ColorTec 400WB

ColorTec 600WB Epoxy Clear Part A

ColorTec 600WB Epoxy White Part A
ColorTec 600WB Epoxy Part B
ColorTec 180
ColorTec 400

ColorTec 500 clear tint base A

ColorTec 500 clear tint base B
ColorTec 500 light tint base A
ColorTec 500 light ting base B

Clear Sealers & Coatings

DK Metallic
DK Flake

SureGrip Broadcast

Super 20

Super WB Acrylic

CS 250

CS 250LV

DK 120 A

DK 120 B

DK 180 part A

DK 180 part B

DK 400 Clear

DK 400WB Part A

DK 400WB Part B

DK 500 100% Solids Epoxy Part A

DK 500 100% Solids Epoxy Part B

DK 600WB Part A
DK 600WB Part B
DK 700 Vapor Barrier
HS 200

HS 200LV

HS 300

HS 300LV

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