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UI9801 Accelerator

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Available in 1 gal, 1 qt, or 1 pt


A liquid additive for the single component, liquid applied, moisture-cured polyurethane coatings manufactured by Urethane Polymers International, Inc. (UPI). This unique material, when added to UPI moisture-cured urethanes, offers several benefits: (1) Will provide a rapid cure with a slight upgrading of physical properties (2) In addition, UI-9801 promotes uniform, tough cures at low temperatures down to 35°F and (3) Prevents excessive out gassing and surface bubbling at normal temperatures in high humidity conditions. The use of UI-9801 provides the applicator with a method to overcome cure irregularities in a multitude of adverse application conditions.

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1 Gallon, 1 Quart, 1 Pint