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Surecrete Xtreme Lightweight Plus Modifier (1 gal.)

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COVERAGE: approx 14.2 sqft @ 1/2″ or roughly 0.59 cuft. Read More…





XS Lightweight Plus 3 is a dual component lightweight bag mix able to create cast pieces that can replace heavy, bulky precast concrete architectural elements. XS Lightweight Plus 3 greatly reduces the materials and labor required to construct traditional architectural detailing and panels. Thinner precast pieces are routine and quicker production times are accomplished. With a wide range of textures and color selection, design considerations are nearly limitless. XS Lightweight Plus 3 provides a durable precast element for a pleasing architectural detail with the lightest achievable weight.

When trying to reduce labor costs on concrete fabrication projects, being able to limit your de-molding and installation crew to only one or two people can be a huge help. With a material density of only fifty-nine pounds per cubic foot, a piece casted in XS Lightweight Plus 3 is less than half the weight of a typical casted concrete project. This weight savings can also help to make arhcitecturally engineered specifications a little easier to accomplish, being able to limit the load on multiple story buildings.


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XS Lightweight Plus 3 is an extremely simple product to use when you’ve got a mold to fill:

  1. In a 6-gallon bucket, pour in XS Lightweight Plus Modifier, 32 oz of water and any powder colorants you want to use to integrally color your mix, and mix thoroughly, slowly adding the XS Face dry contents from the bag.(add up to 32 oz more of water to mix to a consistency you like)
  2. Pour in or hand pack XS Lightweight Plus 3 into your mold, making sure to move the mix around in your mold to get rid of any air pockets or voids.
  3. In warm weather, allow 10-12 hours before removing from the mold (in extreme cold temperatures or for a very thick pour, allow 14-18 hours).
  4. Once de-molded, use SCR, dilluted at 3:1 with water, to clean your new surface.
  5. If there are any small pinholes in your surface, utilize our XS Slurry mix to fill.
  6. If you desire any additional color or accents, now would be the time to apply a stain like Eco-Stain.
  7. Your new XS Lightweight Plus 3 surface is now ready to receive a coat of sealer and be finished! Congrats on your newly casted lightweight concrete surface!