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Surecrete Xtreme Countertop Veining (1 Qt.)

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Depends upon application and substrate
1 qt. (.95 liter) jar of XS Veining = approximately 58 in.³
(946 cm³) OR Vein that is ¼” wide X ½” deep X 39’ long


SureCrete’s XS Veining is a dry broadcast medium used to create natural looking veins in the Xtreme Series mix’s. The effect produced is that of naturally occurring veins in stone formation. XS Veining is designed to be placed into the wet edge of concrete during the pouring process of precast applications.

XS Veining is extremely versatile in it’s uses in precast concrete. Besides just the “wet edge” technique, some have simply dusted it into a mold to create interested color patterns throughout the surface of a casted concrete piece using our Xtreme Series mix designs. Given it’s incredibly simple application methods, XS Veining’s use is not solely limited to experience fabrication professionals and contractors. It can easily be applied by those homeowners and weekend warriors looking to create a DIY, one-time, custom concrete creation for their kitchen counter, dining table or outdoor patio table.


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