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Surecrete WB Epoxy – DK 600 WB (2 Gal)

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1:1 (1 part A to 1 part B)
Varies due to porosity of substrate
As 1st coat approximately 125 – 175 ft² per gal. (11.6 -16.3 m²
per 3.8 L) 9 – 13 mils wet; 7.6 – 11 mils cured
For smooth surface or second coat approximately 200 -250 ft²
per gal. (18.6 – 23.2 m² per 3.8 L) 6.4 – 8 mils wet; 5.4 – 6.8
mils cured


Dura-Kote Epoxy WB is a 2 component 52% solids, floor coating for interior concrete and cement based overlays. The high performance clear top coat, provides the durability of a solvent base system with the ease and safety of a low VOC (175 g/L) water base system that is both user-friendly and extremely durable. As a vertical wall coating, it enhances anti-graffiti properties. Unlike nearly all epoxies, Dura-Kote Epoxy WB has remarkable properties related to moisture:

Withstands high vapor transmission rate, up to 13 pounds per 1,000 ft² (5.4 kg per 100m²) in 24 hours.
Provides a non-permeable vapor barrier, even in basements.
Applies on fresh concrete as soon as three days after pouring and placing concrete.

Dura-Kote Epoxy WB is ideally suited for both commercial and residential settings: manufacturing facilities, warehouses, bars, clubs, retail stores, automotive showrooms, hospitals, medical centers, residential interiors, garage floors, gyms, locker rooms, stadiums, or anywhere that an exceedingly resilient fl oor is desired.


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