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Surecrete SCT-22 Crack Treatment Cartridge

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Coverage: 22 oz cartridge = 1/4″ wide X 3/4″ deep X 17′ long crack (without sand)

Pot Life: approx. 3 mins


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Surecrete’s SCT-22 concrete crack treatment is a rapid set, technologically advanced, high strength, ultra-low viscosity urethane treatment material. This 2-part, 1:1 system is 100% solids, no VOC’s and designed for rebuilding spalls and treating static cracks in concrete very quickly. SCT-22 may be used prior to the application of an overlay for concrete that has random cracking or as a stand-alone treatment for spalled and damaged concrete. Its rapid setting times makes SCT-22 the premier restoration product for industrial warehouse floors that have traffic area spalls and construction joint damage. A ten to fifteen minute period is all that is required for “drive-over” time. SCT-22 cures from –20°F (-29°C) to 130°F (54°C). It is self-leveling, self-priming, and meets USDA and FDA requirements.

Whatever your project may be, the first priority of surface preparation is to make sure that your surface is sound enough for whatever decorative coating or overlay you wish to apply. SCT-22 will help you do just that, and keep your project on time and on budget. Repairing or “treating” a crack will always be more cost efficient than completely destroying a concrete slab and pouring a fresh one. It’s simple application method also allows it to be used by more than just trained professional contractors. Homeowners and DIY weekend warriors can use SCT-22 without any formal training to repair their aging and cracking concrete slabs.


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SCT-22 was meant to be used by anyone, not just professional contractors with formal training:

  1. Use an electronic grinder and a diamond “turbo blade” to open up the crack and remove any structurally unsound or loose concrete debris.
  2. Clean out the newly “squared” cracks using compressed air to remove all dust and particlates.
  3. Fill the dressed crack with clean, dry sand until flush with the surface.
  4. Shake cartridge for at least 30 seconds, then remove cap and install flow restrictor on top of ports and insert the assembled dual cartridge into the “gun”.
  5. Point tip up and gently squeeze the gun’s trigger to bleed off air in the cartridge, then squeeze off a small amount of material, ultra-low viscosity urethane, to make sure only properly mixed material is applied.
  6. You’re finally ready to apply SCT-22 to the crack! Just make sure to continuously apply even pressure while dispensing product.  Easy.