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Stone Edge Wall Mix (Gray or White)

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BENEFITS: ∙Many methods of application; i.e., stencils, stamps, carved, troweled, or freehand ∙Can be hand carved for up to 24 hours ∙Lightweight allows increased stamp depth and design features ∙Can withstand normal surface movement with minimal negative effects ∙Very cost effective ∙Easily applied over problematic surfaces with little surface preparation ∙Continuous surface, no mortar joints to deteriorate ∙No moisture or insect intrusion ∙Low maintenance costs ∙Wide range of textures and colors


Flex-c-ment™ Wall Mix is a polyacrylate, modified cementitious, vertical overlay system that can be applied over concrete, wood or metal to achieve the appearance stone, wood, tile or brick. It is a water-phase elastomeric resin composition incorporating resin primers, cement, cement modifiers, polymers and aggregates. The components are supplied in a dry, 50 lb. bagged mix of cement, light weight aggregates and additives and polymers. All ingredients are prepackaged in the 50 Lb. bag. It is a “just add water” mix. Flex-c-ment™ Wall Mix is typically used as a decorative wall overlay for surfacing in both commercial and residential applications. Its use can be enhanced by incorporating the use of pigments, stains and sealers to finish the coloring and sealing process. Flex-c-ment™ Wall Mix can be used as a thin overlay for use with stencils or free style finishes or in full 2 1/2 inch thickness with stamps, trowels, carving tools, brushes, sprays or it can be worked freehand to achieve an incredible variety of decorative surfaces


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