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Stone Edge Primer 100 (5 gal.)

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BENEFITS: ∙Easily applied with roller or brush ∙Excellent bond to most surfaces ∙VOC compliant (No volative organic compound emission) ∙Moisture tolerant and breathable ∙Very low influence from concrete vapor emission ∙Warranted bond ability ∙Contributes to USGBC credits under LEED rating system ∙Water clean up


Approximate Surface Area Coverage – Primer 100/5 Gallon Pail – 700 sqft.


Flex-c-Ment™ Primer 100 is a water-based Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer that is designed to permanently adhere new concrete to existing sound surfaces. It adheres new concrete to adverse surfaces such as painted, sealed, glazed, or damp surface. It is white in appearance and dries clear. Once dried, it is non-flammable, resistant to alkali attack from masonry and cement materials and VOC compliant. Flex-c-ment™ Primer 100 may be used on interior or exterior applications and may be applied with a brush or roller. Flex-c-ment™ Primer 100 bonds cement materials to concrete, plaster, masonry, drywall, wood, and various adverse surfaces whether painted, sealed, glazed or damp. Flex-c-Ment™ Primer 100 is designed for bonding surfaces including overlays, recapping existing concrete, leveling, or correcting uneven or defaced concrete, over painted or sealed surfaces.


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  • Easily applied with roller or brush
  • Excellent bond to most surfaces
  • VOC compliant
  • Moisture tolerant and breathable
  • Very low influence from concrete vapor emission
  • Water clean up